Marble is one of the most appreciated building materials for building/home architecture looks and finishes. Selecting marble at a particular budget can be a daunting task for end user. Here we plan to make an attempt to make your life simpler by giving you tips for Marble Selection.

Marbles are formed from calcite or dolomite crystals that are subjected to extreme heat and pressure in the interior of the Earth.

Though all marble are formed in the same way by nature, a marble may be unique and more highly sought after than others due to various factors like looks and availability. A high-end natural stone may have a distinctive look and precious rarity, as limited availability surebet and high demand often create a gulf in pricing from one type to other marble type.

For example Calacatta Marble is unique in appearance and also extraordinary in that it is only available from one quarry in the world, located in Carrara, Italy.